Texas Roadhouse Suit Settled $12 million

A major age discrimination lawsuit brought by the EEOC against Texas Roadhouse was settled out of court Friday for $12 million. A four-week trial in the cased ended in February in a hung jury. The retrial was scheduled for next month. The EEOC brought a class action “pattern or practice” lawsuit against the Kentucky-based company in 2011 … Continue reading “Texas Roadhouse Suit Settled $12 million”

Seriously. Why Patronize Texas Roadhouse?

Note: Since the mistrial, the parties agreed to engage in settlement talks. If the talks fail, an EEOC spokesperson said the EEOC “is ready” to re-try the case on May 15. PGB. The problem with age discrimination in employment is that it is a deep-seated almost primal bias that goes largely unrecognized in society. That may … Continue reading “Seriously. Why Patronize Texas Roadhouse?”


It all comes back to Hooters. In the 1990s, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission declared that Hooters’ policy of not hiring males to be servers constituted sex discrimination. Hooters launched a “public awareness campaign” asking customers to complain to the U.S. Congress. The EEOC backed down, citing budgetary limitations.  In other words, Hooters’ thwarted the … Continue reading “TEXAS ROADHOUSE GOES TO CONGRESS”